Friends on Facebook track down stolen newborn


babyvictoriaA Canadian couple “experienced the worst time of [their] lives” on Monday evening when their baby was snatched from a maternity ward in Quebec by a woman posing as a nurse, CBC reports.

“She walked calmly down the hall, wearing a nurse’s uniform. No one asked any questions about who she was,” a hospital employee tells Radio-Canada.

The police immediately issued an Amber Alert, which ended up on Facebook.

Four friends spotted the alert on the social media site and decided to play detective, solving the case in only three hours.

“We said, ‘Why don’t we go look for the car? It couldn’t have gotten that far,’ ” Charlène Plante says.

As specifics on the suspect’s car and description were posted on Facebook, Plante realized that it might be her old neighbor.

The police quickly recovered the baby, who was unharmed, the 21-year-old suspect was arrested, and the parents reunited with little Victoria.

“It was a beautiful moment,” says Mélissa McMahon, the mom. “The police officer cried, the nurses cried, the investigators cried, and all the doctors too — everyone was so happy with the outcome, and with little Victoria safe and sound.”