Video: Drone delivers pizza


An Indian businessman has come up with a clever way to advertise his small pizza-chain: delivery by drone.

Delivering your pizza by drone is not legal in India yet, the Times of India reports. Instead, it was a “test” delivery to a friend of Mikhel Rajani,┬áthe CEO of Francesco’s Pizzeria. The drone’s 1-mile trip to a high-rise apartment building was the first of its kind for India and took only 10 minutes, instead of the average of 30 for Mumbai, whose streets are clogged with traffic.

Rajani has not only gotten a lot of free advertising with the video his company posted on YouTube, it’s confirmed his plans to make drone deliveries the norm within four years.

“The delivery system now involves motorcycles, fuel costs, and salary for the delivery boys and often miss deadlines to deliver. Delivery using drones will not only be economical but also eco-friendly,” he tells the Telegraph.

A year ago, Domino’s did a test flight of a drone across a field in the English countryside: