Photos: Moose ‘vacations’ in Colorado hotel



The moose makes itself at home in the lobby of the aptly named Antlers Hotel. Photos courtesy of Katie Nelson, the hotel’s┬áconference services manager.

We all need a little getaway. And what better place for a moose to choose than the Antlers Hotel, which after all is proud to be pet friendly.

The conference services manager at the Vail., Colo., hotel tells CBSDenver that kids were chasing the week-old calf outside on Monday when he sought refuge in the lobby:


At first, Katie Nelson figured a dog had gotten off his leash.

The moose had to check out a little earlier than he had planned. He had spent less than half an hour lounging in the lobby when he received his complimentary cocktail, a tranquilizer delivered by Park and Wildlife officials who made reservations for him at a rehab center.

Because of the moose’s interaction with humans, however brief, it’s not likely he’ll be released in the wild, the officials tell CBS.