It pays to major in English


Studying the humanities is not a waste of money, notes Blaine Greteman in New Republic.

“Defying all conventional wisdom and their parents’ warnings, most English majors … secure jobs, and not just at Starbucks,” the University of Iowa professor says.  

This month, “at the gathering of the Associated Departments of English, it was reported that English majors had 2 percent lower unemployment than the national rate, with an average starting salary of $40,800 and average mid-career salaries of $71,400. According to a 2013-14 study by, English ranks just above business administration as a ‘major that pays you back.’ ”

How many degrees in English are granted each year? 53,767, Greteman says.

And in case you are wondering: 295,221 students per annum get degrees in the humanities — more than any field except business.

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