Photo: Think Pittsburgh’s parking is bad?


1minuteparkingBrentwoodLAIf you’re among those that consider the rate hike at Pittsburgh Parking Authority garages and lots this summer “a nightmare,” at least 5 bucks in a Downtown garage will buy you an hour’s worth of parking.

In a pricey area of West L.A., a parking sign was telling drivers that they have precisely 1 minute to park.

oneminuteparkingimgurA Los Angeles Times staff writer spotted the crazy sign this week and posted a photo that made its way to reddit, where an online sleuth contacted local transportation officials.

Yup. It was a misprint. The online outrage and ridicule were so vociferous, the sign has already been replaced and it’s now safe to park on San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood for 1 whole hour.

But 1 minute parking signs in Calgary, Canada, are for real, NBC News notes. Most of the 1-minute signs were posted in school zones to encourage parents to move along, MetroNews reports.