Photo: Tot gets stuck in metal mop bucket


Minnie Snodgrass enjoys a song on the car radio as her grandmother whisks her to emergency in Yorkshire, England.

“Mum, Minnie’s stuck!”

Gemma Snodgrass, a mother of five, finished mopping the kitchen floor, threw the water out of the bucket and had just run up the stairs of her home in South Yorkshire, England, when her 4-year-old boy, Matthew shouted to her.

Minnie, 16 months, likes to climb, and she had climbed right into the bucket.

“I picked up the bucket and panicked when I couldn’t get her out,”  Snodgrass tells the Daily Mirror. She called Minnie’s grandmother, who drove them to emergency.

“It was incredible really,” Snodgrass, 29, says. “Minnie barely let out a whimper the whole time. She actually seemed to enjoy being stuck and was ‘dancing’ … in the back of the car.” Snodgrass captured Minnie’s antics on her cellphone.

When they got to the hospital, medical staff called fireman, who used bolt cutters to free the baby.

Snodgrass is considering using a steam mop in the future.