American father treks to Africa, claims territory for his ‘princess’


HeatonsKingdomDads often dub their little girls a “princess.” Father Knows Best had a teen Princess. Modern Family throws princess parties.

Now a dad from Abingdon, Virginia, has taken his daughter’s wish very seriously, the Bristol Herald Courier reports.

When Jeremiah Heaton was asked by his 6-year-old “if she’d be a real princess someday,” the father of three, who works in the mining industry, had a quick reply: “I said she would.”

There are very few pieces of unclaimed land on the planet, but Heaton found one: 800 square miles of desert between Egypt and Sudan where Bedouins roam.

Heaton was granted permission from Egypt to travel to the Bir Tawil region, where last month on his daughter’s birthday he planted a flag, claimed it as Kingdom of North Sudan, named himself king and his daughter royal.

“I do intend to pursue formal recognition with African nations,” Heaton says.

I hereby present unto you, Princess Emily: