Take a peek at Ronald Reagan’s gems


Reagan1linersThey were his treasures, and his secret weapons.

One-liners would be deftly used by Ronald Reagan — as union leader, governor and president — to disarm his opponents and endear himself to the crowd.

Reagan kept them on 3 x 5 index cards, which were turned into a book a few years ago.

“You can talk to any number of President Reagan’s speechwriters over the years,” John Heubusch, the executive director of the Reagan Library tells CBS News. “When they might hand him a speech, the speeches would come back with a quote or an expression or a joke that they hadn’t seen before.”

Some of his best:

“Most people would be glad to mind their own business if the government would give it back.”

“Money may not buy friends, but it will help you to stay in contact with your children.”

“It’s a great kindness to entrust some one with a secret. They feel so important while telling it.”

“Room bugged? Every time I sneezed the chandelier said, ‘Gesundheit!’ ”



Cards courtesy of the Reagan Library. See more at CBS News.