Batkid saves city! Real-life adventure turned into movie


You may remember how San Francisco became Gotham City for a day last year.

Miles Scott, 5, was battling leukemia, but what he really wanted to do was battle bad guys as his favorite superhero. And for a day, he did.

Everybody it seemed was in on the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s act.  With Batman by his side, Miles roared down streets in the Batmobile, saved a damsel in distress and vanquished villains. Thousands of onlookers cheered them on. The headline screamed: Batkid Saves City!

What we didn’t know was how Miles’ family first learned he had cancer and how their whole farming community in far Northern California rallied round to help them.

How Miles’ story touched more than 1.8 billion people is the subject of a new documentary. The trailer was released this week in hope of attracting needed funding.

h/t Mashable