Women in Turkey told: Don’t laugh


Ece Temelkuran fought back on Twitter with a photo of laughter. The Turkish political commentator has nearly one million followers on Twitter.

The deputy prime minister of Turkey has linked promiscuity to laughter.

Bulent Arinc  on Monday gave a speech on the subject of “moral corruption,” the BBC reports.

“Chastity is so important,” he said. A woman should “not laugh in public.”

His remarks have prompted more than 300,000 women to post smiling selfies on social media.

Men are perplexed and outraged, too.

“Oh God, let this be just a joke,” tweets Fatih Portakal, a TV host. “If women can’t laugh in public, then men should not cry in public,” he says in a jab at Arinc, the John Boehner of Turkey.

h/t BBC