Care for a nip? 200-year-old bottle of booze found in shipwreck


bottle-shipwreck-livescienceThey don’t make ‘em like they used to.

After two centuries at the bottom of the sea, you might expect a bottle to contain sea water. But underwater archaeologists from Maritime Museum of Gdansk who were investigating a shipwreck  in the Baltic Sea have announced that a bottle they found still packs a wallop, according to Poland’s Ministry of Science and Science Education

The 12-inch stoneware bottle, made in Germany sometime between 1806-1830, was so well preserved and corked, researchers were able to test its contents.

So what’s inside? It’s not rum, me hearties. It’s vodka or a kind of genever gin.

Tomasz Bednarz (above), the archaeologist who led research on the wreck, said the laboratory workers who did the testing tell him that the 14-percent alcohol distillate in the bottle is suitable for drinking.

But, Bednarz explains, “this means, it would not cause poisoning. Apparently … it does not smell particularly good.” – he explained.a .the bottle contains , which may be vodka or a type of gin called jenever

h/t Discovery News