Liberals happier than conservatives, scientific study finds


Conservatives might like to talk about how happy they are, but in fact liberals “more frequently used positive emotional language in their speech and smiled more intensely and genuinely in photographs,” a study published in Science has found. Continue reading


Video: Who’s the guy who just beat Cantor? A real, charming Brat


In this YouTube video, the Tea Party candidate who unexpectedly brought down the House majority leader introduces himself to voters in March. Dave Brat’s affable personality belies his surname. He says he is a Catholic from Michigan who attended Princeton Theological Seminary and now teaches economics.

Here, Brat “delves into … the many ways in which Eric Cantor has violated the Republican Creed.”

You can read the story about Cantor’s stunning and historic primary loss here.

Politico has a few more details on Brat here.


Widower stunned by wife’s time capsule



A 33-year-old Arizona woman has contacted her husband from beyond the grave.

On Sept 27, 1966, her husband’s 31st birthday, Betty Klug stashed a time capsule in the wall of her family’s North Phoenix home.

It remained hidden until recently when a contractor discovered it amid insulation as the house was being remodeled. “We’ve done hundreds of houses but never found anything like this,” John Murray tells NBC affiliate KPNX 12 News.

Inside the capsule, a photo and a letter.

Betty, a Republican, gives a snapshot of the 60s. Among her observations … Continue reading