Surveillance video: Is nation’s power grid at risk?


In an effort to catch the shooter, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office posted on YouTube surveillance video taken at a PG&E substation in Northern California about 1:00 a.m. on April 16, 2013. Bullets hit the fence, causing sparks, which can be seen at minutes: 1:542:072:102:57 and 3:01.

It wasn’t a cyber attack. And it doesn’t appear to be the work of vandals. A congressman fears that it was a “military-style” raid. To the nation’s electric grid regulator, it was nothing less than “domestic terrorism.”

What we know is this: In April last year, several transformers at a power substation in Silicon Valley were targeted. Fiber cables were cut. More than 100 rounds were fired from a high-powered rifle. Who was behind the attack and why the shooter(s) did it remain a mystery.

Seventeen transformers were taken offline, The Wall Street Journal reports, delving into the attack that has stumped experts.  Continue reading


FBI backtracks on primary role


After Foreign Policy reported early this month that the FBI made a change to its fact sheet, the news went viral. The agency must have been reading online comments. People had strong reactions to the news that the FBI had shifted its primary function from law enforcement to national security.

Within 48 hours, the FBI reversed course and revised its fact sheet, which now reads:

“The primary functions of the FBI are national security and law enforcement.”

The change was motivated by FP’s post, an official told The Cable blog.

“It’s most accurate to say our primary functions are law enforcement and national security and that’s probably what it should’ve said all along,” FBI spokesman Paul Bresson says“We’ve always been both.”


FBI has a new primary mission


fbi fact sheet

The primary function of the FBI is no longer law enforcement, according to Foreign Policy’s The Cable.

National security is now its chief task, the agency’s fact sheet says.

Kel McClanahan, a national security lawyer, noticed the difference when he was looking at a Freedom of Information Act request last month. The FBI fact sheet accompanies every FOIA response.

The timing of the change remains unclear.