Pittsburgh most educated city in Pa., analysis finds



Out of the 150 largest metropolitan statistical areas, Pittsburgh ranks 28th in Wallet Hub’s Most Educated Cities list, making it tops in Pennsylvania. Philly is a distant 77th, Harrisburg 83rd, Allentown 94th, Reading 101st, York 105th, Lancaster 129th and Scranton — sigh — 134th. Continue reading


Principal advises kids: ‘Do NOT tell on bullies’


NebraskaRulesWhen bullying in schools is such a hot topic, it’s easy to understand why a principal would tell 5th-graders what the “9 rules” are in the classroom or on the playground.

But parents in Lincoln, Neb., were shocked to read a flier that was slipped into the students’ folders and sent home on Tuesday, the Lincoln Journal Star reports.

Moms and Dads were especially troubled two of the rules … Continue reading


SAT is revised. Take a sample test.


There is no doubt that Larry is a genuine [BLANK]; he excels at telling stories that fascinate his listeners.

A) braggart
B) dilettante
C) pilferer
D) prevaricator
E) raconteur

The SAT is evolving. No more will students get such a fill-in-the-blank sentence. That method of testing vocabulary isolates the word from its context, the College Board has decided.

Instead, high schoolers will read passages and answer questions based on them.

You can see how you’d do on a sample test here.

The sample test will even give you a score. The first section of questions relies on the opening remarks made by Democratic Rep. Barbara Jordan at the Watergate hearings, in which the Texan argues for the impeachment of President Nixon.

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Video: Forget your troubles, get ‘Happy’


It was just supposed to be a run-through; the kids hadn’t even learned the whole song.

But a parent happened to be at the rehearsal for the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences choir and made a video.

“The parent put it on YouTube, and it just took off,” says Maurice Morton, the school’s CEO.

Watching the kids perform Pharrell’s ubiquitous hit will make you “clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth.”

Read more at the Detroit News.


Great-grandpa takes wrong kindergartner home from school


Parents in a small Connecticut town are up in arms because a school last week let a great-grandfather pick up the wrong 5-year-old and take him home.

Derek Stone’s boy was waiting for the school bus at Sterling Community School when a strange, elderly man put him in his car. The great-grandpa evidently thought Stone’s child was his relative because both kids happened to be wearing yellow hats and blue coats, Stone tells the New York Daily News. Continue reading