Map: Which country is downing the most brewski?

Map courtesy of the Telegraph. You can check out the Telegraph's interactive map here.

Map courtesy of The Telegraph. You can check out the Telegraph’s interactive map here.

Although the Chinese (population 1,355,692,576, in the CIA’s July estimate) drank the most beer (14 billion gallons) this year, Czechs consumed the most (37 gallons) per person, The Telegraph reports. Americans lagged behind, lapping up a mere 19 gallons per head, which means we didn’t even make the Top 10 (see below). Continue reading


Find out what your zip code says about you


15205When you mix marketing and Census data, you can get a snapshot of who we are and what we like to do in Esri’s Tapestry Segmentation project.

What pops up for a local zipcode — 15205, for example? Not surprisingly, Rustbelt Traditions: Family time is important to us. We look for the American-made label, watch ESPN and like to read the newspaper, especially on Sunday.

Go here to plug in your zipcode, and find out what you and your neighbors are up to.


Employers offer unlimited vacations, ‘pre-cations’


Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin empire, lets his employees take as many vacation days as they want. (As does Netflix.)

Now comes word that Jason Freedman, a co-founder of 42Floors, might have invented the “pre-cation.”

What’s that, you ask? Vacation days before you take your trip?  Nope. It’s even better than that. Continue reading


We’re buying fewer guns, razors


The American consumer culture is fickle, Time reports.

Among the items we’re not grabbing off the shelves like we used to:

Guns: In the first few months of 2014, Sportsman’s Warehouse retail chain reported sales of guns dropped 18%. At Cabela’s, sales are off 22%.

Razors: Beards are in.

Chewing gum: Sales are in the gutter, off 11% in the last four years, the Associated Press reports.

Breakfast cereal: Kellogg’s sales have gone down 10%.