Are we giving up on the American Dream?


Are you better off now than …

A CNN/ORC poll finds that 59% think the American Dream is impossible for most to achieve. A whopping 63% of respondents think  most children “will grow up worse off” than their parents.

But the outlook isn’t all gloomy.

When asked whether “you are better off financially than your parents were when they were your age,” 54% say they are doing better than Mom and Pop, 41% say they are worse off and 4% say the same.



Amazon offers workers $5,000 to quit


In Amazon’s letter to its shareholders, CEO Jeff Bezos explains why the company pays employees to quit:

Once a year, we offer to pay our associates to quit. The first year the offer is made, it’s for $2,000. Then it goes up $1,000 a year until it reaches $5,000. The headline on the offer is “Please Don’t Take This Offer.” We hope they don’t take the offer; we want them to stay. Why do we make this offer? The goal is to encourage folks to take a moment and think about what they really want. In the long-run, an employee staying somewhere they don’t want to be isn’t healthy for the employee or the company.

h/t Business Insider


Most affordable cities to retire? Pittsburgh in Top 10


Just in time for David Letterman’s retirement, his network has found the Top 10 places where he can enjoy his golden years.

A recent Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate survey on the retirement dreams of baby boomers finds that 39 percent are focused on a bucolic lifestyle while 26 would like to go urban.

To determine what places would offer a mix of city and country — as well as favorable tax rates and median home prices — CBS News crunched the numbers from the Tax Foundation, Census Bureau and Zillow.

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