Photos: Mitt Romney, Donald Rumsfeld pay their taxes



Take that, Harry!

Josh Romney jabs Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who taunted the GOP presidential candidate during the 2012 campaign, by tweeting a photo of his dad in line at the post office.

Meanwhile, the former secretary of Defense finds the confusing tax code “a sad commentary on governance in our nation’s capital.”



Widower stunned by wife’s time capsule



A 33-year-old Arizona woman has contacted her husband from beyond the grave.

On Sept 27, 1966, her husband’s 31st birthday, Betty Klug stashed a time capsule in the wall of her family’s North Phoenix home.

It remained hidden until recently when a contractor discovered it amid insulation as the house was being remodeled. “We’ve done hundreds of houses but never found anything like this,” John Murray tells NBC affiliate KPNX 12 News.

Inside the capsule, a photo and a letter.

Betty, a Republican, gives a snapshot of the 60s. Among her observations … Continue reading


Cute kitten, odd duck latest Obamacare ploy


The White House is touting the “16 sweetest reasons to get covered” in its latest online blitz to get the young, healthy and uninsured signed up for Obamacare by the end of the month.

Each reason is illustrated by a gif. Ducks appear to dance in one gif with the title: Birth control is free.  Continue reading


Happy Ronald Reagan Day!



In December 1966, the newly elected governor of California takes part in a parade. |  Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress

Thirty-seven governors, including Tom Corbett, have made proclamations honoring President Reagan today, his 103rd birthday.

It’s part of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, which was started in 1997 by taxpayer advocate Grover Norquist to promote the work and preserve the memory of the 40th president.

The project is on a mission to name landmarks, buildings, schools and roads after Reagan. There are only two in Pennsylvania: Ronald Reagan Federal Building in Harrisburg and Ronald Reagan Drive in Quakertown, Lebanon County. You can see the where Reagan is being honored here.


The top 10 government ‘boondoggles’


The GOP’s Tom Coburn of Oklahoma — aka the Senate’s Dr. No — has become famous for his “annual wastebook,” which points out what he calls needless government spending.

He’s been fighting cancer and recently announced plans to leave the Senate. So in something of a swan song, he’s written an account for Politico of the top 10 most wasteful government programs he came across while in office.

They are … Continue reading


Barbara Bush: I hope Jeb doesn’t run


There’s no question that Jeb Bush is the most qualified candidate for president in 2016, Barbara Bush tells C-Span in an interview that was just released as part of the channel’s first lady series.

With Chris Christie confronted with questions about Bridge-gate/Bridge-ghazi, there has been much speculation of late about how the scandal may clear the way for the former governor of Florida to enter the race for the White House.

His mother’s endorsement, however, comes with a caveat. Continue reading