Map: Which country is downing the most brewski?

Map courtesy of the Telegraph. You can check out the Telegraph's interactive map here.

Map courtesy of The Telegraph. You can check out the Telegraph’s interactive map here.

Although the Chinese (population 1,355,692,576, in the CIA’s July estimate) drank the most beer (14 billion gallons) this year, Czechs consumed the most (37 gallons) per person, The Telegraph reports. Americans lagged behind, lapping up a mere 19 gallons per head, which means we didn’t even make the Top 10 (see below). Continue reading


Amelia Earhart’s plane part found in 1991


earhartPatchTIGHARIt looks like Amelia Earhart did go down on or near Nikumaroro, an atoll in Kiribati, according to  TIGHAR, an Oxford, Pa., research group.

A small piece of aluminum (above) was found on the uninhabited Pacific island in 1991. Now the researchers say they have identified it as  a patch made to her Lockheed Electra while the doomed plane was making a stopover in Miami. Continue reading


Find out what your zip code says about you


15205When you mix marketing and Census data, you can get a snapshot of who we are and what we like to do in Esri’s Tapestry Segmentation project.

What pops up for a local zipcode — 15205, for example? Not surprisingly, Rustbelt Traditions: Family time is important to us. We look for the American-made label, watch ESPN and like to read the newspaper, especially on Sunday.

Go here to plug in your zipcode, and find out what you and your neighbors are up to.


Photos: Malaysia Airlines flights eerily empty


malaysiaflightWhen one of your passenger planes goes missing and another gets shot down by a rebel group, don’t expect to sell a lot of tickets.

Ricardo Goncalves, a business reporter and host on Australia’s SBS World News, tweeted this picture of a recent flight on Malaysia Airlines.

It looks like the company sold about three tickets in coach/biz. You think at the very least the airline would have moved them into First Class as happened here:


Well, at least you don’t have to worry about your plane being diverted because passengers are bickering about reclining the seat, as happened on a United flight to Denver on Sunday.

h/t Mashable


Photo: It’s a flying saucer! No, it’s a UFO cloud


ufocloudA cloud shaped like a UFO has been spotted over Xiamen city in China’s Fujian province.

Laura Young, who explains weather phenomena for London’s Metropolitan Police, tells the Daily Mail that it’s an altocumulus lenticularis.

“They are normally formed over mountains,” Young says. “The air cools as it’s forced over the mountains, condensation takes place and it forms these lens-shaped clouds  and they stack up on top of each other.”

They’re nickname? UFO clouds.

Altocumulus Standing Lenticular (ACSL) or Altocumulus Standing Lenticularis clouds are known to form over New Mexico, according to the National Weather Service. Near Roswell by any chance?

Picture courtesy of Imaginechina/REX