Women in Turkey told: Don’t laugh


Ece Temelkuran fought back on Twitter with a photo of laughter. The Turkish political commentator has nearly one million followers on Twitter.

The deputy prime minister of Turkey has linked promiscuity to laughter.

Bulent Arinc  on Monday gave a speech on the subject of “moral corruption,” the BBC reports.

“Chastity is so important,” he said. A woman should “not laugh in public.” Continue reading


‘Loud Americans’ not wanted in Irish bar


Photo courtesy of Maurice Campbell / Twitter

On a beautiful stretch of the Ring of Kerry in Ireland, a restaurant/bar is serving up something a wee bit ugly.

When a tourist noticed a sign in the window of Peter’s Place Cafe & Wine Bar in Watervill, he was shocked.

“I thought it was out of order,”  Maurice Campbell tells CNBC. “It seemed nasty.”

Nonetheless, Campbell decided to pop in …  Continue reading


Photo: Tot gets stuck in metal mop bucket


Minnie Snodgrass enjoys a song on the car radio as her grandmother whisks her to emergency in Yorkshire, England.

“Mum, Minnie’s stuck!”

Gemma Snodgrass, a mother of five, finished mopping the kitchen floor, threw the water out of the bucket and had just run up the stairs of her home in South Yorkshire, England, when her 4-year-old boy, Matthew shouted to her.

Minnie, 16 months, likes to climb, and she had climbed right into the bucket. Continue reading


Founding Fathers live! Most common patriotic names are …


New York Public Library Displays Copy Of The Declaration Of Independence

Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Declaration Of Independence was on display at the New York Public Library this week.  | Photo by Getty Images

Somebody at WhitePages decided to count how many people are walking around with the names of the Founding Fathers.

The White Pages database and public Social Security records were scoured for names that ring of Liberty.

John Adams, who beat Thomas Jefferson in 1800, beats him again with 9,893 people carrying the name of the second president and only 522 with the name of the anti-Federalist.

The top 14 names are … Continue reading