Video: Shark gives kayaker a 2-hour ride


A Florida fisherman got more than he bargained for.

“I hooked a hammerhead shark” on Sunday, Adam Fisk posted on LiveLeak, “and fought it for about 2 hrs. It towed me for miles causing me to beach my kayak two cities over from where I launched.”

You can watch Adam’s wild ride here.

The hammerheads must be in bloom, because last week a college student managed to haul a 14-foot hammerhead onto a beach in Broward County.

“It was extremely exciting, an adrenaline rush,”┬áViktor Hluben, 22, tells the Sun Sentinel.

He and his friends also took kayaks out to sea, where they used amberjack for bait. You can watch the shark fight here:

h/t Daily Dot