Spotlight shines on ‘robots that saved Pittsburgh’


How did the ‘Burgh climb back from a jobless rate of 17.1% in 1983? By transforming itself from the Steel City into “Roboburgh,” according to Politico Magazine, in an article that takes a look at why this metropolis made it and other Rust Belt cities didn’t.

“The city is sort of in a sweet spot,” Sanjiv Singh, a Carnegie Mellon robotics researcher who has developed a pilotless medical evacuation helicopter for the Marines, tells Politico. “It has the critical mass of talent you need, it’s still pretty affordable and it has corporate memory—the people here still remember when the place was an industrial powerhouse.”

We’re well aware of what makes Pittsburgh great, but it’s intriguing to see our high-tech wonder through the eyes of Glenn Thrush, a senior writer for Politico Magazine, which is debuting its What Works series today.

You can read Thrush’s story here