Honey, Pope Francis wants to speak to you


According to unconfirmed reports in Italian and Argentine news outlets, the pope has controversy on the line.

It’s a scenario that’s been played out over the world for decades:

She’s been married for 19 years to a divorced man and they have two kids. They’re Catholic, so it was a civil cermony. Church teaching  prohibits the divorced from marrying again. But they’re religious and attend Mass. Problem is: Whenever she wants to receive Communion, her parish priest tells her no way because she’s “living in sin” with a divorced man.

This couple happens to be from Argentina. Six months ago, the wife, Jacquelina Sabetta Lisbona, decided to write a letter to the man who used to be Jorge Bergoglio, the old archbishop of Buenos Aires. What would happen, Jacquelina asked him, if she were to go to a parish where no one knew her and receive Communion there? Would she be violating church rules? Continue reading