4-year-old found wandering desert alone


unhcr-syrian-boy-via-twitterA photo of a little boy who became separated from his family while fleeing Syria is going viral.

Members of the U.N. Refugee Agency found Marwan wandering alone in a barren landscape, Andrew Harper, the UNHRC representative to Jordan, tweeted on Sunday. The 4-year-old was toting a plastic bag, containing his possessions, that was nearly as big as he is.

The U.N. helped Marwan cross into Jordan and he was safely reunited with his mother minutes later, Harper tweeted two hours ago.

Harper tells the BBC that Marwan’s plight is not uncommon in the “chaos and confusion” of the Syria crisis.

In Jordan, there are about 600,000 Syrian refugees, a fraction of the 2.4 million displaced by the civil war.