Surveillance video: Is nation’s power grid at risk?


In an effort to catch the shooter, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office posted on YouTube surveillance video taken at a PG&E substation in Northern California about 1:00 a.m. on April 16, 2013. Bullets hit the fence, causing sparks, which can be seen at minutes: 1:542:072:102:57 and 3:01.

It wasn’t a cyber attack. And it doesn’t appear to be the work of vandals. A congressman fears that it was a “military-style” raid. To the nation’s electric grid regulator, it was nothing less than “domestic terrorism.”

What we know is this: In April last year, several transformers at a power substation in Silicon Valley were targeted. Fiber cables were cut. More than 100 rounds were fired from a high-powered rifle. Who was behind the attack and why the shooter(s) did it remain a mystery.

Seventeen transformers were taken offline, The Wall Street Journal reports, delving into the attack that has stumped experts.  Continue reading