Unpretentious Eleanor Roosevelt gave flashy JFK debating tips


ERtoJFKside1Fifty-four years ago, the Kennedy-Nixon debate ushered in a new era of American politics on television. Among those watching was former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who the next day wrote a letter to then-Sen. John Kennedy of Massachusetts calling it “a milestone for TV and a really good way to campaign.” Continue reading


SAT is revised. Take a sample test.


There is no doubt that Larry is a genuine [BLANK]; he excels at telling stories that fascinate his listeners.

A) braggart
B) dilettante
C) pilferer
D) prevaricator
E) raconteur

The SAT is evolving. No more will students get such a fill-in-the-blank sentence. That method of testing vocabulary isolates the word from its context, the College Board has decided.

Instead, high schoolers will read passages and answer questions based on them.

You can see how you’d do on a sample test here.

The sample test will even give you a score. The first section of questions relies on the opening remarks made by Democratic Rep. Barbara Jordan at the Watergate hearings, in which the Texan argues for the impeachment of President Nixon.

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