Happy Ronald Reagan Day!



In December 1966, the newly elected governor of California takes part in a parade. |  Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress

Thirty-seven governors, including Tom Corbett, have made proclamations honoring President Reagan today, his 103rd birthday.

It’s part of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, which was started in 1997 by taxpayer advocate Grover Norquist to promote the work and preserve the memory of the 40th president.

The project is on a mission to name landmarks, buildings, schools and roads after Reagan. There are only two in Pennsylvania: Ronald Reagan Federal Building in Harrisburg and Ronald Reagan Drive in Quakertown, Lebanon County. You can see the where Reagan is being honored here.


‘Human’ in trouble

time dewey

Time’s cover boy on Oct. 23, 1944: Gov. Thomas E. Dewey
Photo courtesy of Time Inc.

Dewey or don’t we?  Time for a change.

It’s 1944. The popular Republican governor of New York — Thomas Dewey — is in a race for the White House. FDR is in his 12th year as president. The war in Europe is entering its fifth year. And a conservative weekly starts publication … Continue reading