14 foods you forgot were endorsed by Pittsburgh athletes


If you’re at the right store (or plbsports.com), you can find Brett “The Diesel” Keisel salsa, Pascal Dupuis’ dijon mustard or Steel City Mustard featuring Neil Walker.

You may also remember the Hines Ward 86 Steak Sauce. How about Jerome Bettis’ World Championship Crunch cereal, mustard, salsa, peanut butter, pickles or BBQ sauce? Or Heath Miller’s Heath’s Big Money Bar? Or City of Champions cereal (with either Hines Ward or Max Talbot)?

Here are 14 more foods you may have forgotten were endorsed by Pittsburgh athletes:



(Photo: pulpconnection.net)

Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw — Terry’s Peanut Butter (creamy or crunchy).



(Photo: Phil Pavely  |  Tribune-Review)

Penguins right wing Jaromir Jagr — Jagr Creamy Peanut Butter (Produced by Pittsburgh’s PLB Sports)



Steelers quarterback Bubby Brister — Bubby candy bar (Produced by Pittsburgh’s Chris Candies)



(Photo: Phil Pavely  |  Tribune-Review)

Steelers quarterback Tommy Maddox — Tommy Gun Flakes cereal (Produced by PLB Sports). They also made Tommy Maddox BBQ Sauce.



(Photo: www.chuckthomas.com/stl2.htm)

Steelers running back Franco Harris — Franco’s Cheese Pizza (Produced by Burgettstown’s Panhandle Food Sales)



(Photo: Phil Pavely  |  Tribune-Review)

Penguins defenseman Darius Kasparaitis — Kasparaitis Kruncher’s premium dill spears (Produced by Pittsburgh’s PLB Sports)



(Photo: Phil Pavely  |  Tribune-Review)

Penguins center Mario Lemieux — Mario Bun (Produced by Clark)



(Photo: Phil Pavely  |  Tribune-Review)

Steelers receiver Lynn Swann — Super 88 cereal (Produced by Pittsburgh’s PLB Sports)



(Photo: ebay.com)

Steelers receiver Louis Lipps — Lippsmackers Gourmet Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies



(Photo: Phil Pavely  |  Tribune-Review)

Pirates catcher Jason Kendall — Kendall Krunch cereal (Produced by Pittsburgh’s PLB Sports)



(Photo: Phil Pavely  |  Tribune-Review)

Olympic sprinter Lauryn Williams —  Fast Flakes cereal (Produced by Pittsburgh’s PLB Sports)


(Photo: Phil Pavely  |  Tribune-Review)

Steelers special teams ace Chidi Iwuoma — Geronimo Salsa (Produced by Pittsburgh’s PLB Sports)

On a side note, Joey Porter and Clark Haggans had very similar salsas at the same time.



(Photo: luehmcandy.com)

Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger — Big Ben’s Beef Jerky (Produced by Pittsburgh’s PLB Sports)



(Photo: Phil Pavely  |  Tribune-Review)

Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury — Fleury Flakes (Produced by Pittsburgh’s PLB Sports)


And finally, the Czech Republic leaves us with two mysteries:

1. Penguins defenseman Jiri Slegr reportedly had his own cookies around 1999

2. Jaromir Jagr breath mints? The text translates to “for fresh breath” and “eucalyptus extracts.”




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