13 ‘most Pittsburgh’ Iron City commercials


If you say Pittsburgh beer, the first thing to pop into most people’s minds is going to be Iron City. I’m sure these commercials (and many others) played a key role in the connection. Through the years, some commercials have captured the city better than others.

13. Pour on the Iron: Backyard football

Can easily say I haven’t seen any adults playing backyard football … ever.

12. Show them where you live.

Ah, appealing to the homer in all of us.

11. Gimme the night. Gimme an IC Light

Clear, refreshing and bright. The choice is always right.

10. Pour on the Iron: Wedding

This looks like more fun than most weddings I’ve attended.

9. Pour on the Iron: Keg tapper

Al Luccioni demonstrates the art of tapping a keg

8. Dedicated to the preservation of the wild life

Not sure if any of this ever happened in Pittsburgh, though.

7. Pour on the Iron

Sparkling, robust flavor that does your thirst a favor.

6. Workin’ on a cold Iron

Pure 1990s cheese.

5. Hey, gimme an IC Light

Pure 1980s cheese. Who hasn’t had this happen on a city bus?

4. Pump an Iron

A rollicking  country song with plenty of Steelers imagery.

3. Pour it on, Slugger

Bill Mazeroski pitching the local brew.

2. You can’t keep an Iron man down

A classic tune.

1. Tell ‘Em Ray

An absolute gem, and the inspiration for this list. Can’t quantify how many times this ran during Penguins telecasts.

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