Remembering The Great One


Today is the 40th anniversary of Roberto Clemente’s 3,000th career hit. The Clemente family and Steve Blass will mark the occasion with an on-field ceremony before the game this afternoon. A vintage Clemente jersey will be among the giveaways today for Fan Appreciation Day. If you have not yet read the outstanding story by the Trib’s Bob Cohn about The Great One’s milestone, you should do it now. Go ahead; I’ll wait here until you get back …

»»» LHP Wandy Rodriguez has notched at least 12 wins in each of his past four seasons. His 85 career wins since 2005 rank second among NL lefties (Cole Hamels has 90). Rodriguez has won five of his past six decisions and has a 2.84 ERA over his past eight outings.

»»» Last night’s 2-1 win as victory No. 77, 20 more than the club had in 2010. This is the ninth time since 1900 that the Pirates have increased their win total by 20-plus over the course of two seasons. The Pirates are 43-34 at home this season, which is one win shy of producing the best single-season mark at PNC Park. The Pirates went 43-38 in 2006, their only other winning season at PNC Park.

Game 159: Reds @ Pirates, 1:35 p.m. ET

Reds (95-63): 1. Brandon Phillips 2b, 2. Wilson Valdez ss, 3. Joey Votto 1b, 4. Todd Frazier lf, 5. Jay Bruce rf, 6. Scott Rolen 3b, 7. Drew Stubbs cf, 8. Ryan Hanigan c, 9. Johnny Cueto rhp (19-9, 2.83)

Pirates (77-81): 1. Alex Presley lf, 2. Josh Harrison 2b, 3. Andrew McCutchen cf, 4. Garrett Jones 1b , 5. Pedro Alvarez 3b, 6. Travis Snider rf, 7. Clint Barmes ss, 8. Rod Barajas c, 9. Wandy Rodriguez lhp (12-13, 3.79)


Burnett for team MVP?


If he picks up a win tonight, RHP A.J. Burnett will become just the second pitcher to win nine games at PNC Park in a single season. The first to do is was Zach Duke, who went 9-4 on the North Shore in 2006. Burnett leads the team with 172 strikeouts, the most by a Pirate since Ian Snell racked up 177 in 2007. The last Pirates righty with more than 177 Ks was Kris Benson, who amassed 184 whiffs in 2000.

Tonight will be the fourth time this year (and first time at PNC Park) that Burnett and Reds RHP Homer Bailey have squared off. Burnett is 3-1 with a 2.36 ERA in four starts overall against the Reds. He is the only pitcher in the majors who’s beaten Cincy three times this season.

With all that in mind, what do you think of a question posed to me this afternoon by my editor, Kevin Smith: Is it fair to say the Pirates’ MVP this season has been Burnett, rather than Andrew McCutchen? Burnett has been a unifying figure in the clubhouse and imported a brand of swagger and experience that was missing before. He’s been consistent on the field, too. I think a very strong case could be made for either guy.

»»» Speaking of MVPs, my ballot of National League MVP is due by Wednesday. I won’t reveal my selections until after the results are announced, but here are my top four (at the moment), in no particular order: Ryan Braun, McCutchen, Buster Posey, Yadier Molina.

»»» As if the Pirates’ road to 82 wins isn’t steep enough, Cincy fill-in manager Chris Speier said the Reds won’t ease up and use their “Sunday lineup” just because Cincy already has clinched the NL Central.

Game 157: Reds @ Pirates, 7:05 p.m. ET

Reds (94-62): 1. Brandon Phillips 2b, 2. Zack Cozart ss, 3. Joey Votto 1b, 4. Todd Frazier lf, 5. Jay Bruce rf, 6. Scott Rolen 3b, 7. Drew Stubbs cf, 8. Ryan Hanigan c, 9. Homer Bailey rhp (12-10, 3.92)

Pirates (76-80): 1. Alex Presley lf, 2. Jordy Mercer 2b, 3. Andrew McCutchen cf, 4. Garrett Jones 1b, 5. Jose Tabata rf, 6. Pedro Alvarez 3b, 7. Clint Barmes ss, 8. Rod Barajas c, 9. A.J. Burnett rhp (15-8, 3.64)


Some fun, lots of frustration


As Karen Price wrote last night from New York, the 6-0 loss against the Mets officially knocked the Pirates out of contention for a wild card playoff berth with a week to go in the season. The Bucs also must win five of their final seven games merely to finish at .500 and avoid a 20th straight losing season. That all is quite a tumble from where the club was Aug. 1, when the division title (not merely a wild-card spot) was well withing reach and my Trib editors and I were mapping out how to chronicle what seemed to be an inevitable victory No. 82 and beyond. Around 7:30 this morning, I tweeted this message: “Playoffs? Nope. 82 wins? Doubtful. Tweeps: what, if anything, will you take from #Pirates 2012 season?” Within a half-hour, I had about 50 responses from a lot of other early-risers. All of y’nz make valid points and all in all summarize a season that was usually fascinating, occasionally enjoyable and ultimately frustrating.

@TheWestonSchism: the Pirates are the 2nd worst organization in sports behind the Cleveland Browns.

@Tim_REd24: Pedro’s 30 home runs and that we need another Pitcher. And to cut Barajas

@le_petwaah: one blissfully drunken afternoon thrashing of the giants. That’s about it. And DREW SUTTON

@Jay32600: Two players under age 26 (Cutch/Pedro) hit 30 HR and took steps forward offensively.

@Matt_Tobin: Questions about Pedro answered. 30 HR looking forward to future yrs for this squad.

@JimmyPatPie: pain and misery

@dropK1CK_ninJA: that people still love baseball in Pittsburgh

@JonathanwHooke: I learned that Nutting apparently embraces mediocrity. Until there are changes, this team will continue to struggle.

@mmmmmm_bacon: the best summer for the past 20 yrs. I was proud 2 be a Buc fan, and look forward to next season. They are on the verge.

@BarnThompson: time to stop giving this management team a pass #Collapse

@TheBlackStripe: Huge steps forward by Cutch, Pedro. Improvement by GJ. Walker looking more like 2010 than 2011.

@nikccj63: I will take the worst disappointment since 1992

@HotRodd323: that 162 games is too many. Shorten by 60 games and pirates will win division.

@jslagel3313: ’97 team went out and got Dunston. This group was worried about getting player control 4 players that AREN’T ANY GOOD

@NeilDavidParker: Baddealneal’s refusal to sign real free agents in offseason really hurt team. Also, all this minor league pitch depth joke

@JohnBalouris: McCutchen’s breakout season, Burnett coming back to form in a Pirates uniform. @Brick656: Smoke and mirrors. Had some good times at the Bowtie Bar though.

@bigPITThog: they are soft weak minded organization at the top and it effects rest of the squad

@CKapaun: A faint summer memory how beautiful baseball can be and the very useful phrase “SIT THE F**K DOWN”

@jtommarello: The memories of Zoltan #BUCN

@ChrisRBarron: a couple of really fun months, a couple of horribly frustrating months, and a recognition things have to change

@Samherron29: I’ll take progress and be happy. Only place to go is up, team on the rise.

@jslagel3313: worst experience of the last 20 yrs. Team in hunt at trade deadline, front office does NOTHING. Moves made team WORSE

@LetsGoBucs53: my life is still normal cuz i have never seen a winning season

@cscott530: proof that Cutch is a superstar, hope that Alvarez can be.

@JMRubes: Cutch’s incredible first half and the fact that if a winning season didn’t happen after a 60-44 start, it may never occur.

@ociardhubhain: not to fall for it again next season until after August

@jrgsstuff: The single most heart breaking season ever.

@jdprose: Two tote bags.

@SteelerJoe76: all and all pleased. This team overachieved this season. Some bright spots for next season.

@AmpPgh37: Until a complete regime change, owner on down, I won’t spend another dime on their product. This year sealed it for me.

@emmyohhh: the amazing feeling we all had in the summer. the hype of zoltan, #packpnc and much more. it was all incredibly fun

@jbull17: for the 1st time since Sid Bream I was checking Pirates scores in Sept.

@agoodstein: Lots of free T-shirts!

@jonstapel: that this team really over achieved in the middle and under achieved at the end

@JTognarine: it’ll be an interesting offseason

@AndrewBurchett: Progress?????


It’s on me, Hurdle says


HOUSTON — Manager Clint Hurdle was ejected in the second inning last night, when the game was tied 1-1. After the 4-1 loss to the Astros, I jokingly asked Hurdle if the defeat goes on the record of bench coach Jeff Banister, who filled in after Hurdle was tossed. “It goes on mine,” Hurdle said. “They all go on mine, and that’s the accountability I’ve got to carry with this. We’re just not finishing plays. We didn’t finish a play tonight and it cost us. There wasn’t a whole lot to try to develop (offensively). We’re just in that hard place right now where we’ve really got to try to keep things simple. It’s almost like Little League — hit the ball hard where it’s pitched, don’t try to do things that aren’t there. Defensively, we continue to make errors. The one (by SS Clint Barmes) complicated things dramatically. But there also were a couple of throws from center field, plays you need to make, you need to stop the ball. We’re not crisp, we’re not performing at the execution level we need to, and that’s on me. All of it falls back on the manager. I’ve got to find a way to get us performing better.”

Game 152: Pirates @ Astros, 2:05 p.m. ET

Pirates (74-77): 1. Alex Presley lf, 2. Josh Harrison 2b, 3. Andrew McCutchen cf, 4. Garrett Jones 1b , 5. Pedro Alvarez 3b, 6. Travis Snider rf, 7. Clint Barmes ss, 8. Rod Barajas c, 9. A.J. Burnett rhp (15-8, 3.64)

Astros (50-102): 1. Jose Altuve 2b, 2. Scott Moore rf, 3. Brett Wallace 1b, 4. Fernando Martinez lf, 5. Matt Dominguez 3b, 6. Tyler Greene ss, 7. Chris Snyder c, 8. Brandon Barnes cf, 9. Jordan Lyles rhp (4-11, 5.40)


McClatchy reveals he is gay


HOUSTON — Few, if any, people who really know Kevin McClatchy believe he was a “bad owner,” even though the Pirates continued racking up losses under his watch. It was easy to see the man wanted very much to win, but external conditions — a fragile, and at times fractured, ownership coalition; very little money; poor decision-makers in the front office — kept it from happening.

When I spoke by phone with McClatchy this afternoon, he admitted that for all those years he kept a secret that he feared would dash his hopes to run the franchise and try to turn it around. McClatchy is gay. “I didn’t want that to jeopardize my chances to get the (ownership) deal done or to build the ballpark,” he said. It is only now, five years after being nudged out of his role as the Pirates’ principal owner, that he is going public. “It wasn’t easy, but it was the right time to do it,” McClatchy told me from his home in Ligonier, Westmoreland County. “It’s not a great existence to be scared about who you are and afraid to talk about it. I hope kids will know that if you want to play sports, as long as you love the game, that’s enough. You don’t have to hide your life.”

McClatchy’s decision to come out is the subject of an op-ed item in Sunday’s New York Times. The story appears only days after Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar was suspended three games for wearing an anti-gay slur written in Spanish on his eyeblack. “The timing is coincidental,” said McClatchy, who gave the commissioner’s office advance word about his story in the Times. “I made this decision (to come out) a while ago. Times are changing. We’re open about gays being in the military. Professional sports is the last public arena where this is still hidden.”

McClatchy’s decision to be straightfoward about his sexuality was welcomed by Chris Barron, co-founder of GOProud, a Washington, D.C.-based, conservative political action group that represents gay and straight people. Barron, who is gay, is a Pittsburgh native and a die-hard Pirates fan. “In my experience, the most important thing a gay person can do is be open and honest about themselves,” Barron said. “That changes minds more than any political affiliation. I’m hopeful there will be a time soon when something like this will be, maybe not a non-issue, but much less of an issue. Every time something like this happens, it makes it easier for the next person.”

McClatchy makes his home year-round in Ligonier and said the response he’s gotten from his friends, neighbors and business associates in western Pennsylvania has been overwhelmingly supportive. He keeps busy as chairman of the board for McClatchy Newspapers. “It’s a responsibility I take very seriously,” he said. Although he no longer has any role with the Pirates, McClatchy remains a passionate baseball fan. He chuckled when I asked if he still has the itch to get back in the game as an owner or executive. “In anything, I never say never,” McClatchy said. “But, right now, it’s not on my radar screen.”

Game 151: Pirates @ Astros, 7:05 p.m. ET

Pirates (74-76): 1. Starling Marte lf, 2. Neil Walker 2b, 3. Andrew McCutchen cf, 4. Garrett Jones rf, 5. Gaby Sanchez 1b, 6. Pedro Alvarez 3b, 7. Michael McKenry c, 8. Clint Barmes ss, 9. Kevin Correia rhp (11-9, 4.09)

Astros (49-102): 1. Jose Altuve 2b, 2. Scott Moore rf, 3. Brett Wallace 1b, 4. Justin Maxwell rf, 5. Fernando Martinez lf, 6. Jed Lowrie ss, 7. Matt Dominguez 3b, Jason Castro c, 9. Dallas Keuchel lhp (2-7, 4.97)


Batting title is McCutchen’s to keep or lose


HOUSTON — Giants OF Melky Cabrera is out of the race for the NL batting title, which makes Andrew McCutchen the frontrunner. Andrew Baggerly of was the first to report that Cabrera, who is batting .346, worked out an agreement with MLB that will leave him one plate appearance shy of qualifying. Cabrera is serving a 50-game suspension for using PEDs. McCutchen is batting .339 and leads the majors with six four-hit games. He is just the fifth Pirates player to have at least six such games in a season. Behind McCutchen are Buster Posey (.335), Yadier Molina (.321) and Ryan Braun (.311).

»»» This, of course, will be the final weekend the Pirates play National League games in Houston. The Astros are moving to the American League West next season, and will play a three-game interleague set at PNC Park in 2013.

»»» Against the Astros this year, Garrett Jones is batting .404 (19 for 47), including four doubles, one triple and four homers. His 13 RBI are tied for third-most among all players against the Astros behind Jay Bruce (19) and Allen Craig (15).

UPDATES 5:40 p.m. CT: Neil Walker was scratched due to more stiffness in his creaky lower back. Manager Clint Hurdle suggested the flare-up was due to Walker being on his feet for the 4-hour game yesterday, than making the 3-hour plane trip to Texas. … Jared Hughes, Chris Resop and Jeff Karstens will NOT be available in the bullpen tonight.

Game 150: Pirates @ Astros, 8:05 p.m. ET

Pirates (74-75): 1. Starling Marte lf, 2. Clint  Barmes ss, 3. Andrew McCutchen cf, 4. Garrett Jones rf, 5. Gaby Sanchez 1b, 6. Pedro Alvarez 3b, 7. Michael McKenry c, 8. Brock Holt 2b, 9. Jeff Locke lhp (0-1, 5.49)

Astros (48-102): 1. Jose Altuve 2b, 2. Brandon Barnes cf, 3. Matt Dominguez 3b, 4. Justin Maxwell rf, 5. Jed Lowrie ss, 6. Brett Wallace 1b, 7. J.D. Martinez lf, 8. Chris Snyder c, 9. Edgar Gonzalez rhp (2-1, 4.40)


Don’t blame Spikes for split with Pirates


CHICAGO — Wins and losses had nothing to do with why State College is no longer the Pirates’ short-season Class A affiliate. Still, it is true the Pirates gave the Spikes some rosters that were … um, talent-challenged. In 2008, the Spikes went 18-56, the fourth-worst record in New York-Penn League history. In six seasons as a Pirates feeder team, State College never posted a winning mark.

The real problem, though, was a lack of communication between the parent organization and its minor league club. State College executives tell tales of phone calls, texts and emails that were never returned. Sources say the Pirates accepted very little feedback from the Spikes on things such as how to market the club.

Despite the friction, the Pirates two weeks ago offered State College a four-year extension. Spikes ownership countered with a two-year offer. Spikes owner Chuck Greenberg is a Pittsburgh native who named a son after Roberto Clemente. Greenberg dearly wanted to remain with his hometown team. Last Monday, Greenberg and Pirates president Frank Coonelly appeared to reach an agreement. Coonelly said he’d get back to Greenberg with final details, but Greenberg never received a return call. No one from the Pirates — not owner Bob Nutting, nor Coonelly, nor GM Neal Huntington — touched base over the past week with State College.

The Spikes became a free-agent franchise at midnight Saturday. A couple of minutes after that, the St. Louis Cardinals called Greenberg, and a two-year deal was quickly in place. The Spikes were affiliated with the Cards in 2006. “The Spikes are pleased to rekindle our partnership with one of the most well-respected and successful franchises in professional sports,” Greenberg said in a release. “The Cardinals were wonderful partners during our inaugural season.”

The Pirates now will look hook up with one of the two remaining free-agent NYPL clubs, Jamestown and Batavia. Both of those franchises have facilities that could be called decrepit and lagging attendance. I’ve heard that the Pirates would like to relocate a NYPL team to Morgantown, W.Va., near the WVU campus. The setup would be similar to what the Spikes have with Penn State. But, for now, the Pirates are looking around for somewhere to play in 2013.

Folks have asked me why the Pirates don’t move their short-season A team to Washington and “take over” the Wild Things. That cannot happen. The Wild Things are not a MLB-affiliated, minor league team; they’re an independent league team. The Pirates must connect with an existing NYPL franchise. Think of it as a game of musical chairs.

UPDATE 5:50 pm (CT): I’m hearing the Pirates have a deal in place with Jamestown and will announce details soon. Also, as Jamestown already has applied with the NYPL for permission to relocate, the new Pirates’ affiliate will be playing in Morgantown, W.Va., perhaps as soon as 2014.

»»» The Pirates’ first Instructional League workout is today in Bradenton, Fla. Games will run from Sept. 24 through Oct. 19. Among the notable players who will attend: pitchers Jameson Taillon, Gerrit Cole, Victor Black, Luis Heredia, Zach Von Rosenberg, Nick Kingman, Tyler Glasnow and Colton Brewer; infielders Alex Dickerson, Alen Hanson and Gift Ngoepe; and outfielders Josh Bell, Adalberto Santos, Gregory Polanco and Mel Rojas Jr.

»»» Evan Meek cleared waivers and was outrighted to Triple-A Indianapolis. I can’t imagine he’s part of the Pirates short- or long-term plans anymore.

Game 146: Pirates @ Cubs, 8:05 p.m. ET

Pirates (73-72): 1. Starling Marte lf, 2. Jose Tabata rf, 3. Andrew McCutchen cf, 4. Gaby Sanchez 1b, 5. Pedro Alvarez 3b, 6. Michael McKenry c, 7. Clint Barmes ss, 8. Brock Holt 2b, 9. Kevin Correia rhp (10-9, 4.29)

Cubs (58-88): 1. David DeJesus rf, 2. Luis Valbuena 3b, 3. Anthony Rizzo 1b, 4. Alfonso Soriano lf, 5. Starlin Castro ss, 6. Wellington Castillo c, 7. Brett Jackson cf, 8. Darwin Barney 2b, 9. Travis Wood lhp (6-11, 4.23)


McPherson replaces JMac in rotation


CHICAGO — As expected, the Pirates today took RHP James McDonald out of the starting rotation and replaced him with RHP Kyle McPherson. McPherson will start Wednesday v. the Brewers @ PNC Park. Manager Clint Hurdle said McDonald’s late-season slump is not due to it being the home stretch of the season. “I don’t see fatigue,” Hurdle said. “The execution is what’s challenging. I think part of it is the maturation process.” Hurdle also called RHP Jeff Karstens into his office this morning and told him management wants to see Karstens work out of the bullpen before considering putting him back into the rotation. “We are not going to go with a six-man rotation,” Hurdle said.

»»» Karen Price and I spoke yesterday with the top trinity of Pirates management – owner Bob Nutting, president Frank Coonelly and GM Neal Huntington — about what effect, if any, the past few weeks will have on the makeup of the front office and coaching staff next year. It doesn’t sound like any changes are in the works. I’ll give the last word on the matter to Nutting: “It’s been in incredibly, intensely frustrating last several weeks. What I do know is Clint and our leadership team is focused on everything we can do to get ourselves back on track. There’s still baseball left to be played and we need to get it turned around. We also need to understand what happened as we’re looking forward toward next year as well. The team played extraordinarily well through three-quarters of the season and we got the chance to see the positive impact that Neal and the decisions he has made has had on the team so far.”

»»» Barring a last-minute kiss-and-make up, the Pirates will not re-up with the short-season Class A State College Spikes. Two weeks ago, the Pirates offered a four-year contract, which the Spikes turned down. Monday, there seemed to be agreement for a two-year deal, but the Pirates broke off contact. State College became a free agent franchise at 12:01 this morning, and probably will sign with the Cardinals. The Pirates could end up with either Jamestown or Batavia — who both have aging facilities and low fan interest.

Game 145: Pirates @ Cubs, 2:20 p.m. ET

Pirates (73-71): 1. Starling Marte lf, 2. Neil Walker 2b, 3. Andrew McCutchen cf, 4. Garrett Jones rf, 5. Gaby Sanchez 1b, 6. Pedro Alvarez 3b, 7. Clint Barmes ss, 8. Rod Barajas c, 9. Jeff Locke lhp (0-1, 4.11)

Cubs (57-88): 1. Joe Mather cf, 2. Darwin Barney 2b, 3. Anthony Rizzo 1b, 4. Alfonso Soriano lf, 5. Starlin Castro ss, 6. Wellington Castillo c, 7. Dave Sappelt rf, 8. Luis Valbuena 3b, 9. Chris Volstad rhp (3-10, 5.99)


Changes due for rotation?


CHICAGO – James McDonald still is listed as the starting pitcher Wednesday against the Brewers, but there is a chance he soon could be replaced in the rotation by rookie Kyle McPherson. Manager Clint Hurdle spoke privately with both pitchers after McDonald was lit up Friday for four runs in 3 2/3 innings against the Cubs.

When asked point-blank this morning if McDonald will at least skip a start, Hurdle responded: “I’m just going to pass on that question for now. We’re doing some internal talking about a lot of different areas. I had a talk with James yesterday and we’ll leave it at that now. Good feedback is important, but we need action to follow it up. You always look for what is going to trigger a level of commitment that’s significant. Sometimes, you’ve got to look at the option of taking something away from somebody. That’s always an option. But, is it at the top of the list, I wouldn’t say that. You’re looking to find a key to unlock something. That’s the challenge you have with young players — sometimes it takes different keys. Not one key works with everybody. We’re trying to find the keys to unlock him. And we’re running out of time.”

»»» The Pirates have lost a season-worst seven games in a row, their longest skid since dropping 10 straight from July 29-Aug. 7, 2011.

»»» Friday was the fifth time in franchise history the Pirates used eight pitchers in a nine-inning game.

Game 144: Pirates @ Cubs, 2:20 p.m. ET

Pirates (72-71): 1. Starling Marte lf, 2. Travis Snider rf, 3. Andrew McCutchen cf, 4. Garrett Jones 1b, 5. Neil Walker 2b, 6. Pedro Alvarez 3b, 7. Clint Barmes ss, 8. Rod Barajas c, 9. Wandy Rodriguez lhp (10-13, 3.72)

Cubs (57-87): 1. Joe Mather cf, 2. Darwin Barney 2b, 3. Anthony Rizzo 1b, 4. Alfonso Soriano lf, 5. Starlin Castro ss, 6. Wellington Castillo c, 7. Josh Vitters 3b, 8. Dave Sappelt rf, 9. Jason Berken rhp (NL debut)


Walker Watch continues


CHICAGO — It’s Day 19 of the Walker Watch, and I have a bit of (but not much) good news to share. Neil Walker (lower back pain) is not in the lineup again today. “The day off did me a lot of good,” Walker said. “We’re going to see how batting practice goes today. Hopefully, all goes well and I’ll be available to pinch-hit today and we’ll see where it goes from there.” Walker said his rehab process has focused on core- and leg-strengthening exercises. “We’re close now,” he said. “Since it’s a back issue, I want to be very, very sure before I go back on the field.” Walker has seen two back specialists. “They both told me, ‘It’s off how you feel.’ So when I started to take batting practice from both sides and when I went against (Jeff) Karstens (Tuesday in a sim game), the days after those events were the big days for me and I didn’t feel great after doing both of those. I’ll take batting practice today and we’ll see where I go from there.”

»»» The Pirates have won seven of their past eight series at Wrigley Field. Dating back to 2009, the Pirates are 15-8 with a 3.53 team ERA and have scored 4.9 runs per game at the Friendly Confines.

»»» Doesn’t anybody want that final NL wild card? Despite a 4-11 skid, the Pirates have not lost any ground on the Cardinals. The Bucs are three games behind the Cards today, the same spot they were in at the start of the day Aug. 28.

Game 143: Pirates @ Cubs, 2:20 p.m. ET

Pirates (72-70): 1. Brock Holt 2b, 2. Starling Marte lf, 3. Andrew McCutchen cf, 4. Garrett Jones rf, 5. Gaby Sanchez 1b, 6. Michael McKenry c, 7. Pedro Alvarez 3b, 8. Clint Barmes ss, 9. James McDonald rhp (12-7, 3.93)

Cubs (56-87): 1. David DeJesus rf, 2. Luis Valbuena 3b, 3. Anthony Rizzo 1b, 4. Alfonso Soriano lf, 5. Starlin Castro ss, 6. Steve Clevinger c, 7. Brett Jackson cf, 8. Darwin Barney 2b, 9. Chris Rusin lhp (0-2, 5.73)